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Where's that cat at?
Track our GPS-collared lions with this interactive mapping site. Follow their tracks hour-by-hour and see where our lions have been!
Living with Lions on Flickr
Check out LWL's photos from the field.
Lion Guardians on Flickr
View the Lion Guardians' photos from the Chyulu Hills.
Lion Guardians on Facebook
Join our Facebook cause and spread the word by inviting your friends to join too.
Lion Guardians Youtube Channel
Watch Lion Guardians videos, featuring interviews with the Guardians and more!
Kilimanjaro Lion's Youtube Channel
Videos from the Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project.

Related Links

African Lion Working Group
Dedicated to all aspects of conservation, research, and management of free-ranging lion populations in Africa.
Laikipia Wildlife Forum
LWF aims to conserve wildlife outside protected areas in Laikipia.
Lion Research Centre
Dr Craig Packer's long-term lion study in the Serengeti, Tanzania.

Living With Lions Blogs

Lion Guardians
Read the latest Lion Guardians news and reports from the heart of Kenyan Maasailand.
Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project
Follow the musings and lion tracking exploits of KLCP from the lion research field site in the Chyulu Hills, Southern Kenya.
Mara Predator Project
Follow the day-to-day lives of the Mara lions with Sara Blackburn of the Mara Predator Project.

Related Blogs

Mara Triangle
Get up to date with all the news from the Mara Triangle.
Mara Vet
Vet Asuka Takita treats domestic animals along the escarpment, outside of the Mara Triangle.
Zimbabwe Wild Dogs
Read Rosemary's blog following her wild dog research in Zimbabwe.
A Glasgow Vet in Africa
Wildlife veterinarian Jerry Haigh talks about wildlife issues and stories from around the world.
Ewaso Lions
Shivani tells us of her research in Samburu working with local people to enhance coexistence between lions and communities.